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Our Website: Facebook: https:// Aaaaaaaaaah, this is one of the best otome games I've ever played!That plot twist was cool, although I kinda saw it coming. This is by far my favorite otome game I've ever played, and the storyline and illustrations are brilliant.While Dracula learns that America contains such wonders as blood banks, sex clubs, and discotheques, he also proceeds to suffer the general ego-crushing that comes from life in the Big Apple in the late 1970s as he romantically pursues flaky fashion model Cindy Sondheim, whom he has admired from afar and believes to be the current reincarnation of his true love (an earlier being named Mina Harker).Dracula is ineptly pursued in turn by Sondheim's psychiatrist and quasi-boyfriend Jeffrey Rosenberg.

The world-weary Count travels to New York City with his bug-eating manservant, Renfield, and establishes himself in a hotel, but only after a mix-up at the airport causes his coffin to be accidentally sent to be the centerpiece in a funeral at a black church in Harlem.Or to get rid of the mysterious black cat who keeps following you? You will find that magic actually brings more troubles than it solves...===Character Profiles===Paris: Shining and perfect prince... -ENJOY attractive story with amazing pictures and characters.-TELL us what you think, contact us through the game with any comments or questions.===Support ===Please check the FAQ before contacting us.The some other reviews are bashing on the protagonist, but I got an ending where the protagonist goes back to train (train what? ) to fight against the witch hunter guy (spoilers-not so spoilers). I mean, it is kinda frustrating when you meet a guy for quite literally the first time and a crush already forms on him. I just wish a Season one was a little longer so I could keep playing!The personalities of the characters are also very good! The protagonist also has a very interesting personality as well, probably the most similar to irl girls who play otome games (no offense to anyone). But the characters (especially June and Minuet) have such compelling stories and personalities and really makes you think.

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Check the certain things like she loves to be with you or not. The girl will find this immensely sexy and you will come across as humble, sensitive and kind.