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MPG is a man who clearly understands that girls just wanna have fun... You've known ever since you looked into those seafoam eyes that Romeo was the one for you. He's strange and unknowable and distant, all of which just makes him more desirable.

As he's dying in your arms, a call domes on the cell phone--from his wife.

So take our polls and decide which of these 10 scenarios you’d rather be in! The 5 Most Fashionable Girls Of ’90s Cartoons Follow Gurl!

Which cartoon characters would you actually want to hang out with?

All you ever wanted was to find a boy who loved cute things and wanted to cook you breakfast...

Many memorable male characters -- both real and of the cartoon variety -- have appeared on MTV over the years, but none come close to matching the wit and sophistication of the original bromantic bachelors, "Beavis and Butt-head." From their fine tastes in music to their... styles of picking up women, these two bros really had it all.

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You taped their photos to your wall, dreamt of meeting them someday, bought Teen Beat just for their pictures...

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