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Posted by / 05-May-2018 04:11

Nikki, 33 agrees: ‘I pretty much only date younger men now, which I think is to do with my lifestyle choices of travelling and doing seasonal work.

I might be 31 but marriage, babies and mortgages are not on my radar.

In my space, chatbots for corporate communications, we will soon see employees seamlessly moving from their phones to their cars to their laptops, from chatting to speaking to clicking, to do their research, receive their news, and provide their input.

So if you’re an innovator who’s thrilled about the potential of chatbots, but feel like no one’s listening, don’t get disheartened. In a few years, no one will be laughing, and who knows?

‘I think younger guys are more fun and more adventurous than guys my age, plus they tend to have nicer bodies and a fresh/positive attitude to life!

’ Once, I met a guy whilst travelling and it wasn’t until we were on a flight to another country together that I realised I’d never asked how old he was. I almost spat out my drink but then thought, ‘Why does knowing how many years he’s lived on this earth age change anything?

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There’s this story about the old man who invented chess. But it’s still a good story: The old man brings his chessboard to the king and explains the new game.