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"The second generation of online dating, e Harmony, said, 'We have the answers, you don't have to shop around, we know who's compatible with you.' That would be fine, except their algorithms are all bunk," Dr. "There's nobody who's built a legitimate algorithm. We're left with: online dating can't do anything more than get you face-to-face with someone."That's something location-based dating apps have done: more than 10 billion matches have been made on Tinder alone, with more than 26 million matches made every day.While this might make a dater feel like he or she is just playing a numbers game, the reality is that location-based apps like Tinder are actually more effective than many other sites have been."This is actually why I like Tinder," Finkel said.This book is a MUST READ for any adult looking to meet their perfect match!I truly wish I had this book available when I was a young woman dating and looking for the right husband.The pressure is off of me, I don't need to go on a man hunt, but trust that God has a perfect match for me, in His perfect time.Not that I am going to hunker down in my house and wait it out, but let the Holy Spirit work on me, and deal with the baggage I am carrying.

I hope you will visit "Soul mates" or "the one" don't exist. You're not going to find one magical person that you were destined to be with and have a perfect marriage because people are not perfect.

Receiving your Soul Mate is a of these things will be added unto you." And "all" includes a soul mate or "help mate" as described in the Bible. It's a quick 3-act sequence that goes something like this: the hero and heroine go to the same party and discover each other; their eyes meet and they kiss; then, in short order, the third scene is the bedroom scene. I'll do things I'll give you a little hint into finding your soul mate. The more we strive towards honoring Christ in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, the more we'll radiate His love, character, and essense.

The word "soul mate" didn't even hit Webster's Dictionary until 1822. He's very specific on the subject of romance and love stories. The more we emulate Him, the more favor we'll find both with God and with man. You choose who you're going to love, who you're going to invest your time into, etc.

Then, participants met each other on four-minute dates, and were later asked how they rated their level of interest, sexual attraction, and other factors with each potential suitor.

The results found that a computer-based algorithm could predict who is desirable and how much someone would desire others — essentially, who's "hot" and who's not — but it could not unravel the mystery of unique desire for a specific person.

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For single individuals looking for the perfect mate, read this book!

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