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Completely  eastern european dating

The 37-year-old has told men to avoid British women as they feel 'entitled' and are 'overweight'.

He listed the UK native women as 'not marriage material' and moved to Russia instead to find himself a wife.

If you were to ask the average Western man what the stereotype is for a Russian woman, he would probably say something to the effect of, “”.

Tall and thin girls are the norm in Eastern European countries.

"For me though, women in Russia are the whole package.

"And they want the man to be a gentleman even though they refuse to fulfil the traditional role of the woman in the household and take care of their looks.

English woman just think they deserve to be with a man like that." I'm sorry, mate, but if you want a more 'traditional' woman you can crawl back to the 19th century, whilst we advance in the 21 He then spoke of his experience of chatting to other 'successful' British men who can't find the woman of their dreams and English women are 'looking for too much'. He said: "Obviously, looks and beauty play a huge factor too.

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