Confluence dashboard not updating Sex chats 100 free

Posted by / 10-Sep-2017 07:38

This portlet shows a row for each job showing the standard columns configured in Jenkins.All the configured portlets are displayed below this list.But there are only 5 colors for your choice; this can be not enough for you.An additional problem is with addition and management of the Status macro.

The add-on adds the administration section where Confluence administrator can manage status lists and manage the appropriate statuses for each list.Now you can create separate lists for different task types or things.So now you can keep consistent task lists with statuses specific to your current needs.Our custom add-on resolves all these issues and gives you much flexibility for management of statuses and rapid change of status while viewing the page.An additional enhancement, which the add-on offers, is centralized management of status types.

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Looking at the source code of this plugin will show a number of examples of doing this.