Conscious dating workshops dating a man shorter than you

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Amie Leadingham was named one of LA’s best dating coaches for 2014 by Dating She invites you to get her Free Copy of “5 Dating Traps Keeping You Single” by clicking the button below.And through my quest for knowledge, I became CONSCIOUS of what I required (non-negotiables), needed, and wanted in a relationship.In addition, I developed important communication skills to be effective at handling conflict.You can find Jess delighting in the sensual things of life like delicious food, wine and coffee; traveling the world; dancing and hiking; devouring deep spiritual books on the meaning of life and love and helping provide clean water systems to communities without access through The

And this why CONSCIOUS DATING is so important, this approach provides you with pure CLARITY.Through her coaching process, singles discover: clearly defined values they want in a life partner, create a vision their ideal relationship, and empower a new positive mindset that helps them attract and keep the love they deserve.Amie guides clients through the world of relationships by providing coaching support and feedback all along the way.I’m also an Author of “A Woman’s Handbook to Online Dating: Secrets to Successfully Find Love Online” and proud to be named one of LA’s Best Dating Coach in 2014.I’d love for you to start Conscious Dating TODAY, I invite you to grab my FREE copy of 5 “Dating Traps” Keeping You Single or schedule a free Relationship Readiness Review with me.

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Widowed at 22 and separated at 35, Karen knows from experience that heartbreak can be a tremendous catalyst for personal growth.

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