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There are two common types of incomplete fractures that occur in children: The most common symptoms of a buckle fracture are pain and swelling.

Seldom is there any actual deformity, although if there is a lot of swelling the extremity may look slightly deformed.

These injuries tend to heal more quickly than the similar greenstick fractures.

There have been many studies comparing casting versus splinting for buckle fractures.

If my wrist in a bent position (backwards) then I get a dull throb that doesn't go away.

Now I am worried bat I may have had a fracture as I can only assume that a sprain would have healed by now ...

Awareness of the radiologist is essential in finding these skeletal and CNS injuries in order to document child abuse, to stop further abuse and to protect siblings.

Other signs of a buckle fracture may include: Adult bone is more like a porcelain plate that when it fails it cracks all the way through.

Treatment of a buckle fracture is accomplished by immobilizing the injury for a short duration, usually about three or four weeks.

The word torus is derived from the Latin word "Tori," meaning swelling or protuberance.

Children commonly sustain this injury by falling on an outstretched hand.

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Because these fractures are not significantly displaced, and typically they are not growth plate fractures, there is usually no effect on the long-term health of the bone for the child.

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