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Dating agency franchise opportunity

The strength and consistency of our key messages and brand awareness has ensured that we are recognised and highly regarded in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.Social Circle has been trading successfully for 7 years; we are the only social and activity group of our kind in the UK with a monthly calendar of events offering free or subsidised: lifestyle activities, sports, social activities, cinema, gym classes, training workshops, discovery walks, weekends away and foreign holidays.Our franchisee will be given the Social Circle Leeds website with the provision of: online membership sign ups, a separate booking calendar and membership data.What we do is completely unique in the UK: we provide a hassle free, pre-organised social life for members.The right person would be highly motivated, have a desire to succeed and be seeking a vocation.The successful person will run the franchise with our support at the start-up stage which will include: business/marketing/training and assistance with branding/marketing/e-shots/marketing literature/local advertising.These men are looking for a woman that understands their needs, a lovely wife with conventional values that isn’t hampered by Western ideals. Czech women DO NOT NEED a visa to travel to Western Europe, U. But with Eastern Europe Women, you can be in the business of connecting these women with the successful men that are established and would like to make a nice life for them in the United States and/or Western Europe.And that is exactly what you will find with Czech and Slovakian women. And because we are in a fast-growing industry, the chance to turn a great profit by introducing wonderful Czech and Slovakian women is easy.

What Social Circle is not is a dating service, although we have many members who have met each other through our events and some who have even gone on to later marry.

And there is certainly no other company franchising this service – until now. By owning an introduction agency franchise like Eastern Europe Women, you can make money by selling our sought after services to men in the U. You can direct Clients to our great website so overhead for advertising and promotion is small, giving you enormous profits because you are selling what almost every man desires. You can even offer credit card facilities to all your customers. Obviously for proprietary reasons, we cannot tell you everything we do and how we find all our beautiful women, but by contacting us, we can explain in detail how we operate and how you can make this sort of money.

If you read our informative brochures, look at our website and read what makes Eastern Europe Women so unique, we are positive that you will get a better understanding of how and why you can become VERY SUCCESSFUL in this industry. Dramatic New Business we are NOW IN: The Placement of Nurses from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in countries all over the world especially in the U. If you need other reasons to go into business with Eastern Europe Women, remember: you are giving men the opportunity to marry beautiful, reasonably younger, intelligent, and educated women who will be devoted and committed to them – something they cannot find in the U. Should you require any further info please send us a completed Franchise Enquiry Form as shown below,or call or e-mail me at your earliest convenience.

After reviewing cities within close locality to Manchester we have pinpointed Leeds as the next city we believe Social Circle will thrive and flourish well in.

We have considered transport links, population, a high percentage of profile members, primary head office locations, ease of ability to support our franchisee at the initial stages and a strong presence of leisure/lifestyle businesses that have a synergy or direct connection to the brands we currently work with in Greater Manchester.

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We want someone who is looking to make Social Circle Leeds their vocation You will also need to be registered as self-employed and keep your own accounts as well as be willing to invest at least as much time as you would a full-time job.

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