Dating henriot quimper plates

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Dating henriot quimper plates

The two major factories, Eloury and Dumaine, merged in the early 1900's to form the Henriot factory, and the Bousquet factory was sold to Jules Verlingue and retained the name Grande Maison HB.

In 1968, the son of Verlingue purchased the Henriot factory and merged them under the name Les Faienceries de Quimper, and under one roof at the HB factory, although each preserved its own forms, designs, clients, and signature marks.

Although the area of Locmaria in Quimper had long been associated with pottery as far back as Gallo-Roman times, Bousquet is credited with being the founder since he was the first to hire other artisans and form a factory.

In 1776 a rival factory was founded and a third pottery opened in 1778.

Brittany is a region in northwest France where the town of Quimper is located.

This type of design has been applied continuously for 100 years and has been exported to America since the late 1800's.

is the most traditional pattern showing the Breton figures.

A Breton (or Bretonne if a woman) is a resident of Brittany.

Present day Quimper is dishwasher safe and has been lead-free since the end of World War II. HISTORY The handpainted French faience known as Quimper (pronounced kam-pair) dates back to 1690. The pottery takes it name from the town of Quimper, located in northwestern France, where potter Jean-Baptiste Bousquet built his kilns.Quimper Faience refers to a fine grain earthenware decorated with an opaque, tin-based glaze.Each piece is completely hand painted without the use of decal or stencil by one of 48 painters (all but 4 are women).The workers, who were unionized, vehemently opposed this move and succeeded in closing down the factory forcing him to declare bankruptcy again.The bankruptcy court then took over and put the factory up for sale. The factory reopened officially on March 14, 1984 and is enjoying an incredible rebirth with sales outnumbering demand.

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Slowly, these are being revived, and today the atelier produces 30 patterns as well as special orders for decors presently not in production.

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