Digital dating the maltshop of Deutsche sex chat

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Digital dating the maltshop of

Serious enough that people planning a wedding assume you're going to be together 10 or so months from now. You just celebrated some kind of one-year "anniversary." Don't underestimate the significance of a year.It doesn't really matter how casual your relationship is, surviving your amorphous, barely definable hookup-sorta relationship still has something going for it if you've made it a year.Before speaking to them, I didn’t know the full extent of the app’s generalised horribleness.

You know how, in Fifties America, young people supposedly met in malt shops?

Broadly speaking though, I feel like Tinder is a place where lesbians play badminton and drink iced tea, while straight women trawl through skips while dodging rotten turnips that are being lobbed at their heads.

The recent sexual harassment scandal probably came as little surprise to the turnip dodgers.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, one of the brains behind an app that men are regularly using to vent their disgustingness has been accused of sexual harassment.

Former Tinder executive, Whitney Wolfe, claims that the app’s head of marketing, Justin Mateen, called her a whore and was generally quite medieval about the whole her being a woman thing. After listening to stories about dick pics, Poundland-quality banter and the least appealing anal sex offer I’ve ever heard, it’s my turn to reveal my Tinder burns. In all honesty, the most traumatic message I’ve had on the app was one in which there was a “your” where there should’ve been a “you’re”.

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But apart from having to left-swipe male intruders, my experience with the app has been everything from “fine” to “quite good”.

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