Iquitos dating

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Iquitos dating

Peru is a great destination for guys just starting to travel.

Peru will not win the heart of a seasoned traveler. If you want to meet some cute chicks in Lima and make a little love – is a great place to start.

If you get sick of Lima, but are still looking to make love to a Peruvian woman or three – then Arequipa is your next best shot.

It’s the second largest city in Peru and home to some of the better looking Peruvian chicks I’ve ever seen.

Hands down the absolute best city in Peru to meet Peruvian women.

No other town in Peru comes even close to competing with Lima regarding women, nightlife options, and quality of chicks. I had nights in the club were there would be 4-5 girls I’d already made sweet love to in the same club (while I was with a different girl).

Cusco is a fantastic city and by far my favorite in Peru.

I recommend you stay for a week or two after Machu Pichu and enjoy this magical city. I had high hopes for this beach town in Peru, and they were not upheld. You can meet Peruvian girls, Chilean girls, Brazilian girls, and Argentinian girls at this hostel. Being the third largest town in Peru – I figured there would be a lot of sexy Peruvian women here. Even though there is a beach nearby (Huanchaco) – you won’t want to spend more than a week here. I didn’t go, but from what I’ve heard it’s only worth a visit if you want to enjoy an Ayahuasca ceremony.

You won’t meet the hottest Peruvian women in Cusco, but they are easy. If you’re a younger guy – there is an amazing Loki Hostel here.

You also have tourists from all over the world in Cusco – new people every single week. Try to travel with a friend and get a private room.

The city itself is pretty boring, but if you want to meet some cute Peruvian girls, then it’s not bad. If you do check it out – I’d love to hear about it. The climate is fairly pleasant (can be cold), but not Mediterranean or tropical.

The weather isn’t bad, and there are beaches nearby. If you meet a girl you like – take her to a nearby beach with you and chill out there. The Peruvian girls I met were fun, caring girls, but they’re not the hottest.

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