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He shared his opinions and made me laugh throughout the date. Gentle reader, not all of us feel compelled to attend high school reunions. The piece shares stories of people who re-met after many years, to tepid – or incredibly awkward – results.

Stephen Bax ♦ February 13, 2017 ♦ 18 Comments In this post I would like to highlight some intriguing research carried out and sent to me by Andrés Eloy Martínez Rojas, president of la Sociedad Astronómica Urania (SAU) in Morelos, Mexico, relating to folio f68r.

As he walked into the bar I was stunned at how good looking he was. Three, they are physically curvy.” “You are barking up the wrong tree here, pal,” I responded. 2) You’re a virtuoso Facebook stalker, especially of your exes.

Bachelor #82 was tall with a full head of light brown hair, kind eyes and he smelled of fresh laundry. “I’m no Ivy Leaguer and typically vote Republican.” “No, no it’s okay! 3) You poke, IM or write email messages to your exes, trying to recapture the magic of yesteryear.

This illustration shows what he is suggesting as an interpretation: You can find a report in Spanish here from a Mexican newspaper and also a rather sketchy and dismissive blog report by Klaus Schmeh in English here.

In essence, Andrés offers the suggestion that the folio in question depicts – in other words an event when the Moon covers the Sun’s centre, causing the Sun’s visible outer edge to create an apparent “ring of fire” or ‘annulus’ around the Moon.

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