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Potassium argon dating method

As the air warms, different elements change from a liquid back to a gas.The portion of air that changes back to a gas at -185.86°C (-302.55°F) is argon.Argon was discovered in 1894 by English chemist John William Strutt, most commonly known as Lord Rayleigh (1842-1919), and Scottish chemist William Ramsay (1852-1916).It was the first of the noble gases to be isolated.The spectrum (plural: spectra) of an element consists of a series of colored lines and is different for every element.Ramsay studied the spectrum of the unidentified gas.

Argon can be produced from liquid air by fractional distillation.

If there was a new group in the periodic table, where were the other elements that belonged in the group?

Fortunately, chemists had a good idea what these missing elements might look like.

It can also be produced by heating nitrogen gas from the atmosphere with hot magnesium or calcium. Isotopes differ from each other according to their mass number.

The magnesium or calcium combines with nitrogen to form a nitride: A little argon always occurs as an impurity with nitrogen. The number written to the right of the element's name is the mass number.

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