Ps3 not updating games black screen

Posted by / 30-Dec-2017 21:03

But, if you want to see if you need a new hard drive, then go to 'restore file system' and click 'x'.If it says your hard drive needs to be restored, then you have to install a new drive. Ive been looking foward to the new gta platforms that was said in the loading screen. I am having a similar problem; it asks me to update to version 1.18, and a blank screen loads. Only flipping the power switch in the back will turn it off. I recently brushed off my ps3 after a year of limited use and bought Dynasty Warriors 8 for it.What type of connection do you have your tv hooked up to the PS3? Under display settings, choose HDMI which you are using. i hope this hellps, reply if this works Hey thank you for that information.I had componet cables and some games didn't work in 1080p like you are talking about but once I started using HDMI cable it worked fine. Instead of using "automatic" for the display settings, choose "custom". If you check 720p and 1080p, then the PS3 will play your game in 720p. I thought I was going to be forever stuck in this 480p world or there was something wrong with my hardware.I found this out because my TVs inputs are only accessable if something is being transmitted to them.

My TV set is a Sony Bravia 46 Full HD (KLV46W300A). The majority of PS3 games support HDCP (High-Bandwith Digital Content Protection), so having an HDMI cable that supports HDCP (aka Hi-speed) is ideal.I had a problem with the 1.1 update of gta v this afternoon on my ps3 when i pressed "update" the screen became black and the ONLY way to shut the system was from pulling the plug...Anyway if you dont Want THIS to happen just wait the intro sounds to finish before updating, work es for me. Once you connect the USB cable, the trouble shooter prompt comes up displaying 6 options.You can use the 6 options to troubleshoot your PS3 and remove the black screen.

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I replaced all the cables and also tried turning the TV off and unplugging it as I had read that sometimes the handshake between the HDMI and the TV can be severed, none of that worked either.

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