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Children were plucked from playgrounds and sent to bed. The people were in dread of a creature – a vampire – which had no face, no name, no shape. As the lights went out on the night of August 23, 1929, the people of Düsseldorf, in the German Rhineland, felt almost inured to horror. As they slept fitfully, they little foresaw that the next few hours would demonstrate the full bestiality of the man they had labelled The Düsseldorf Vampire.Already, it had committed 46 violent crimes, displaying every kind of perversion. There was one bright and cheerful patch of light that evening.There was no sound as he strangled her and then slowly cut her throat with a Bavarian clasp knife.Louise returned a few moments later and handed over the cigarettes. ” The man grabbed her again, strangled her and cut her throat. Twelve hours later, Gertrude Schulte, a 26-year-old servant girl, was stopped by a man who offered to take her to the fair at the neighbouring town of Neuss. The man introduced himself as Fritz Baumgart and suggested they take a stroll through the woods.

People hurried through the narrow lanes to their homes.

Tired and hungry, she agreed to accompany him to his one-room flat in Mettmannerstrasse, where she had a glass of milk and a ham sandwich.

The man offered to take her to the hostel, but after a tram ride to the north-eastern edge of the city, she realized they were walking deeper and deeper into the Grafenburg Woods. ” “No,” gasped Maria, and in one word saved her own life and signed the death warrant of the Düsseldorf Vampire.

She turned round to face even more conclusive proof.

The quiet man was coming up the stairs towards her.

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On May 14, she set out to look for work and boarded a train for Düsseldorf... On the platform at Düsseldorf station, she was accosted by a man who offered to show her the way to a girls’ hostel.