Shipment consolidating software

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Shipment consolidating software

"Shippers operate at a low margin and it is a competitive business.

Because insulation is a commodity item, these companies are anxious to bring transportation costs down as low as possible.

If there are limited opportunities within a company's own operations, then the alternative is to look elsewhere, literally beyond the "four walls" of its own distribution facility.

"Imagine two different shippers out of the same geographic market passing through a new destination," says Polach.

Logistics IT providers are helping shippers, carriers, and 3PLs achieve cost savings with little capital investment thanks to new and innovative web-based load planning applications.

Carriers spending more than million a year were more likely to invest in commercial or customized software (54.9 percent) than those with expenditures less than million (17.3 percent).

To facilitate these consolidation and cost optimization challenges, transportation providers need to have full visibility of everything that is going on inside and outside their operations.

Often, the only way shippers can reduce costs is to find out how they can better utilize the space on a truck.

April 15, 2002 | Joseph O'Reilly No tags available Logistics IT providers are helping shippers, carriers, 3PLs and consignees create cost savings with little capital investment thanks to innovative load planning applications.

From better asset utilization to increased compliance, load planning software creates efficiencies before shipments enter the transportation stream.

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"Every company does it their own way; every product is different.

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