Updating facebook status through twitter

Posted by / 17-Dec-2017 09:50

Updating facebook status through twitter

Promoted tweets also exist but are geared more toward businesses with Promoted Accounts than the average tweeter. Load up the Twitter app for i OS, for example, and from any screen click the feather quill icon at the upper right to tweet.Again you'll find options for sharing location and images (either from your photo stream or a new pic you take).

They can be anything (just ask Jimmy Fallon and Justing Timberlake): #batman, #San Francisco, #Obamacare, #Wish You Were Here, et cetera— I mean, #etcetera. Promoted posts get higher prominence on other people's News Feeds.

And what if you only want to post once but have it appear on all your social networks?! " You can also find this box on your own timeline page below your cover photo.

Posting on Facebook On your desktop computer, go to and log into your account. Above that is the Update Status box with a prompt asking "What's on your mind?

Facebook to Twitter The best Facebook app to make that happen is called Selective Tweets.

Set it up on your Facebook account and whenever you include the #fb hashtag, your post goes to Twitter as well.

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Finally, check the icons on the lower left of your Status box.