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Updating intellisense hang

In general, you should expect the IDE to be updated at a higher frequency than the toolset.) * The STL now officially tolerates dynamic RTTI being disabled via /GR-.

dynamic_pointer_cast() and rethrow_if_nested() inherently require dynamic_cast, so the STL now marks them as =delete under /GR-.

Also, the intrinsic is not yet available in Clang at all.

[byte] std::byte is enabled by /std:c 17 (and /std:c latest), but has a fine-grained opt-out macro (_HAS_STD_BYTE can be defined to be 0).

For now, we’ll refer to the second toolset update as “VS 2017 15.x” (please don’t try to guess what x is, you’ll just create confusion).

To give you a better idea of our status, unimplemented papers are marked “missing” for primary features, or “patch” for papers that merely fixed parts of a primary feature.

After VS 2017 RTM, the 15.1 and 15.2 updates improved the IDE.

For example, inserting at the beginning of a string now moves the content after the insertion exactly once (either down or to the newly allocated buffer), instead of twice in the reallocating case (to the newly allocated buffer and then down).Visual Studio 2017’s first toolset update, version 15.3, is currently in preview and will be released in its final form very soon.(The toolset consists of the compiler, linker, and libraries.We implement them together, so the large number of “patch” rows doesn’t really indicate a large amount of missing work.[rem] Feature removals are activated by /std:c 17 (or /std:c latest), with opt-out macros.

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[obj_rep] has_unique_object_representations is powered by a compiler intrinsic.