Updating old plywood doors

Posted by / 27-Jun-2017 11:56

A plywood box is superior construction wise but will not work with some of the high gloss laminate and foil finishes that are popular in the European style cabinetry.

With these finishes only particleboard sides are possible.

Popular frameless cabinetry lines are: IKEA, Kitchen Craft, Poggenpohl, Merit Kitchens, Pedini, Ultra Craft Cabinetry. The majority of the cabinetry coming from Europe and Canada is frameless.

All Main Line Kitchen Design’s frameless cabinetry is upgraded to the best construction possible.

Expensive lines will have better drawer options but if the drawers are upgraded to at least a solid wood box and blumotion tracks the longevity of each cabinet line will be very similar whether you are buying inexpensive IKEA or very expensive Poggenpohl cabinetry.The added cost for better made cabinetry is usually no more than 10%.When a builder uses these inferior lines I wonder where else they are cutting corners.Below are a few of our favorite DIY hollow core door makeovers that will look like you spent a fortune to upgrade. This project involves placing a layer of wood veneer down to get the stain to adhere to the door so it's a bit more of an investment but worth the effort.Comparing cabinetry brands can be confusing and difficult for everyone except experienced kitchen designers.

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Frameless lines require designers to consider the frameless cabinetry’s construction limitations and to keep door widths and drawer widths to a minimum to avoid undue stress on the cabinetry.